Top Boracay Old Pictures That You Must See Before You Asked Why

There are some things you see before you go and jump to the waters of Boracay. Travel is fun and there are lots of cheap boracay activities that you must try. See old pictures and amazed how beautiful is Boracay.

Boracay in the summer of 1979: only one tourist on the beach, ony one bangka in the water, fully grown coconut trees along the whole length of the beach, two negritos boys taking a walk, no construction of any sort along the beach.

boracay in 1979


Old Boracay Beach


White beach with coconut trees

White beach


Memories of a once-virginal Boracay

memories once of boracay

A forest of tall palm trees line the old Boracay White Beach 1980s

A forest of tall palm trees line the old Boracay White Beach 1980s


These Vintage Photos of Philippine Beaches Are a Trip Back in Time



The old beach path in Boracay 1980s

ol boracay walkways


Kalesa de Karabaw

kalesa de karabaw


Source: Jay Rund Para-on Laurente Facebook Page

 Majorette in the sand of Boracay

boracay marjorite

Source: Jay Rund Para-on Laurente Facebook Page

Vintage Beach photo of Boracay’s white beach




Old photos of Boracay is a such a memorabilia. Go to Boracay now and take some pictures of your families and friends. You can try some boracay land activities and waterports and enjoy!

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