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Last year, the Condé Nast Travelerincluded Boracay Island as one the World’s Best Islands of 2016 list. The Condé Nast Traveler have more than 300,000 subscribers, readers and travelers who took part in the 29th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards Survey of this US-based travel publication which recognizes best travel spots in the world.

We cannot deny the fact that Boracay Island is used to be an expensive destination. The fact that everything seems to be commercialized and highly urbanized but looking at, atop of all these things, there is one thing that we cannot deny too, indeed Boracay Island is a living island paradise that everybody should visit and be with.

Experience Boracay’s unique way of saying “hello” and “welcome”. Be move and be amaze of the best experiences it has to offer. From the powdery white sand beaches up to the beautiful ascent of turquoise waters, rich and vibrant marine life, lovely picturesque of sunrise and sunset, effervescent night life and more. All in wrap in this very majestic and eye watery island paradise. But there is a question that keeps on bothering every traveler, the expenses then. With the advent of varying choices of hotels that offers first class accommodation services and island activities that at the same time considers your budget restraints, worry no more. Here is the twist for you travel buddies. Experience the island paradise at its finest by these tour package and activities ready pack and offered to you!

Astoria Boracay Package in Station 1 offers you two nights superior room accommodation at Astoria Boracay which is good for two (2) persons only. We know that for every travel activity, your physiologic need must be address, thus we give utmost importance to your food delight, thus at your stay in our humble abode, enjoy the daily buffet breakfast that we are offering. The place assures you of food choices that will surely give your satiety a bang. Don’t know how to go into the place? Worry no more because part of our premier service to our clienteles is our assisted round trip seat in coach transfer from Caticlan / Kalibo Airport to the hotel. In this way we can make sure that our customers will experience cosy and worthwhile travel. Aside from the slated accommodation packages, enjoy also our activities set for our customers.

So what you are waiting for? Experience the island paradise of Boracay. More than the beach and the sand, a greater surprise indeed waits for you as you step in this majestic and truly wondrous island. Now the question is when is the best time to start your journey at this island? Indeed, it is a tough question! But let us be reminded that the Philippines is an archipelagic nation with different climatic types due to its variances in geography and distances between the islands, so it is possible that it is raining hard in the Metropolitan Manila and yet it is luminous and blue sky in the majestic island of Boracay. So forget about the weather! After all, you are with the experience. Choose one of the many best Boracay Packages that would suit your budget and enjoy an unforgettable Boracay experience.

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