Ultimate Boracay Packages; An Affordable Escapade for A Priceless Experience

Boracay has scored as Philippines’ top most-traveled escapes in the country. Yearly, the small island receives more than a million tourists, and its gleaming popularity skyrocketed Boracay’s economic growth, boosting the island’s development progress over the years. For most backpackers who haven’t experience the island’s glamour, they find it as an expensive place to spend a holiday break. On the contrary, due to tight competitions, business owners bowl fair travel promos to attract guests, thus affordable Boracay packages sprouted like mushrooms everywhere, and all you need to do is to choose the one the suits your budget and your needs.

For starters, four things to consider you need to take note, Travel, Stay, Food and Fun, most accommodation promos have these things wrap up together. Boracay is an island located at the coast of Caticlan in Aklan province; you are able to reach it through a ferry from the port of Caticlan. It will take an hour to travel from Manila to Caticlan, but for bigger planes such us from China, Korea and Singapore, bypassing Manila, you need to reach Caticlan via Kalibo, then you need to take a bus or a van from Kalibo airport to Caticlan port, travel time will take 1 and half to two hours. Airfare tickets to Kalibo are much cheaper than to Caticlan, for off season Kalibo tickets will range from 1300 to 2500 Php while Caticlan tickets will from 2000 Php to as much as 10,000 Php, and it is also airlines rarely toss it in promos. From Caticlan port, you will take 15 – 25 minutes travel to Boracay through a boat or a ferry, and take note both have different fare prices, ferries are much more expensive for they are faster compared to pump boats.

Boracay island is divided into three stations, stations 1, 2 and 3. These are the liveliest spot in the island, as most business establishments such as hotels, malls and clubs are settled here. Hotel accommodations from comfortable to extravagant has a fair price depends on the amenities and accommodation package of the hotel, ranges from 1500 Php per night to 25, 000 or higher per night.

If you are not a gastronomically fussy, it’s easy to find a good place to eat in Boracay, where you can enjoy a decent meal for a cheap price. The D’Talipapa is one good place to enjoy Boracay’s seafood treats. Fresh sea foods, crabs, prawns, shells, squids, are sold there, and you can have them cook on restaurants there. You can enjoy your seafood platter for as low as 250 Php per serving. You can also try other local delicacies that are quite cheap as low as 25 Php, let’s say the “balut” , the all-time Filipino’s best, it is a 15 days old duck egg, with a embryo inside, well you can test your stomach’s strength on this for sure.

You won’t complete your Boracay escapade if you missed out the fun beyond the beach and sun. There are lots of activities to enjoy in this island, it may be water or non-water activities. With prices range from 400 Php to 3000 Php or higher per head, you can have all the fun you want thru parasailing, jet ski, scuba diving, ziplining and a lot more. If you are lucky enough, you can find Boracay packages that include few activities in their bundle, so I strongly advise to watch out closely or you can check timely in various travel sites. Well, if your package doesn’t include any of it, you can still enjoy some activities by joining other people, like island hopping, banana boat and other activities that require a particular number of people, you will not have fun but also will have a chance to make new friends.

You don’t have to spend millions or hundred of thousand to enjoy a first class place; Boracay offers the best experience you can find in an affordable price, making your money worth it down to the last penny.

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