Must Try Boracay Activities: Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Your Stay

Boracay, as one of Philippines’ allure has been the country’s most-loved holiday destination over the years. It’s not only the powder-like white sand that drags travelers to stay but its crowd-pleasing environment made the catch. The people here are very festive; making the island very energetic where cheering and dancing never goes off, the reason why both locals and backpackers alike brand it as “the island that never sleeps”. But even those who don’t come to party will find  plenty ways to enjoy, as this small island has many things to offer  aside from its lustrous white sand beach, from food to tons of Boracay activities to spend with, so there is always some excuse to have a good time here.

On lazy mornings, you can spent floating in the crystal clear water or just enjoy a soothing sun bathe. If you have plenty of energy to run off, you can try other more exciting stuff like island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, “paraw sailing” ( paraw: is a local term for sail boat), standup paddling, a bumpy ride on a inflatable banana boat riding, fly fish (it’s quite similar to banana boat only it is more bumpy and might fly 3 feet above the water, so it is strongly not advisable for those who have weak heart), mermaid swimming, kiteboarding, flyboarding (makes you feel like ironman) and cliff diving. Though the island is famous for its white beach spanning its west coast, it also has a mountainous side and thick forest at the other side, if you already had all the vitamin “SEA” you need and still have loads of energy to burn, try these non-water activities as well, jungle cruise on ATVs, mainland visiting and hiking, horseback riding, shooting range, ziplining and zorbing. Other stuff I would favorably consider is to visit places like the Dream Land Trick Art Museum, the Sapsapon Cave, Mangrove nursery, Boracay butterfly garden and bat caves, all good spots for your photo escapades. There are other things you may want to try but it’s a bit expensive, you can see the whole boracay island in birds view in helicopter island tour, or imitate Jack and Rose in a luxury yacht tour; it might be expensive but it’s a money well spent pleasure…worth to the single dime.

Vacation is not that fun without good sinfully delicious food, and food is one of the best stuff Boracay could serve; you will totally dig on it. Since the locals wanted the island to adapt on the tourists’ taste, you will find different foreign cuisine in the island, Chinese, Thai, and Western; name it. But most backpackers enjoy a lavish seafood banquet where they could select a variety of fresh sea foods (some are still alive, like crabs, lobster, prawn), served from the sea to your plate.

After a long day of adventure and fun, it is quite relaxing to watch the sunset. But fun doesn’t end here; in fact it’s just getting started. Boracay is a lot busier at night, hosts are throwing parties everywhere, it’s like Saturday night every night. You will enjoy watching fire dancers dancing amusingly with their fire tricks. There are bars and party hubs everywhere, so picking the right spot to chill is not that hard.

There are still lots of Boracay activities which I haven’t mentioned yet, for I don’t want to spoil the excitement. It’s better for you to explore the island and treasure the experience yourself, yet rest assured that every second you spent really worth it.

To wrap it all up, Boracay is a distinct place with good vibes to chill; only that it’s floored with sand.

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