Top Boracay Old Pictures That You Must See Before You Asked Why

There are some things you see before you go and jump to the waters of Boracay. Travel is fun and there are lots of cheap boracay activities that you must try. See old pictures and amazed how beautiful is Boracay. Boracay in the summer of 1979: only one tourist on the beach, ony one bangka in […]


Fantastic Boracay Activities; Fun under the Sun

Stunning white sand, delicious food, great events and warm people, these are the few best things you would not want to miss out if you visit Boracay. But for some people, who enjoys more on extreme adventures than a common ritual sun bathing, Boracay is a perfect place to drop by. There are lots of […]

Must Try Boracay Activities: Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Your Stay

Boracay, as one of Philippines’ allure has been the country’s most-loved holiday destination over the years. It’s not only the powder-like white sand that drags travelers to stay but its crowd-pleasing environment made the catch. The people here are very festive; making the island very energetic where cheering and dancing never goes off, the reason […]


Relax and Enjoy Life With Various Boracay Activities

Relax and enjoy life with various Boracay Activities. So you have heard about Philippines’ next big thing? The small island in the south where the bounding beauties of the Visayan sea is seen, and that is then the very beautiful and blissful island of Boracay. If you hear these things, you’re not alone. Excitement feels indeed. Several […]